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Teaching is one of Derric's passions!

We have partnered with ShopKeepArty and are now offering online classes. In-person workshops hopefully resuming in the next few months.

Each workshop is accompanied by reference images and a recommended materials list. Derric's medium is Acrylic, however, we have had attendees painting along in watercolour, oils and even pastels! You can find Derric's current catalogue of recorded classes below.

Keep an eye on upcoming events and Derric's social media pages for future live online workshops or contact us to alert you about upcoming events.



These free 45-60 min Arty Classes are a fun introduction to how Derric teaches.

For longer and more in-depth workshops see the section below.

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Arty Class - Forest Artwork
Tarentaal - ShopKaapArty Arty Class.jpeg

This Arty class will focus on comparing painting part of a portrait in watercolour versus acrylic.

Join us for a fun class comparing two iconic mediums.

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This Special acrylic Arty Class will focus on a simple landscape forest and will teach you how to not "over-think"! The texture and tonal value of trees and foliage will be the focus with a hint of sky filtering through.

You will learn how to apply a brush texture very simply to a canvas and use brushes as tools to create texture and atmosphere.

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This Arty class will focus on painting a Guineafowl (Tarentaal in Afrikaans) in acrylic but in a sketchy and watercolour inspired manner.

Join us for a fun class painting one of South Africa’s most iconic birds. A tutorial in how to not “over-think”!

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These 2-3 hour classes are designed as as "paint along" classes where you will get more tips and tricks from Derric. 

These recorded classes allow you to watch and paint in your own time and are available for unlimited re-watches.

Keep your eye on our events / social media pages for upcoming live online workshops!

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Cottage on the Lake
By the watering hole - ShopKeepArty Work

This workshop will focus on painting a portrait of a Himba woman, in both watercolour and acrylic mediums on watercolour paper.

It will focus on the contrast of light and shadows using both watercolour and acrylic with extra tips and tricks being revealed.

Date: 17th August

Time: 3:30 om (UK) | 4:30 pm (SA)

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In this workshop, you will learn how to stylistically capture maximum effect from minimal materials! You will paint a relaxing wilderness scene of a cottage surrounded by trees on a lake/wetland. Derric will show you how to apply a brush texture very simply to a canvas and use brushes as ‘tools’ to create texture and atmosphere, in addition to finding definition in the subject and highlighting atmosphere and points of interest.

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This workshop will focus on painting African antelope at a waterhole in acrylic paint but in a sketch like / watercolour inspired technique.

It will also include an in-depth tutorial on colour mixing and tonal values.

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